About the Catalogue

The Supply Catalogue lists all items in the Supply Services inventory, along with the Supply Unit of Issue and the List Price, current at the time of uploading. Customers should note that Units of Issue and List Prices can change, depending on the supplier and latest contract arrangements; The range of products may also change from time to time.

For ACT Health customers, on-line access to the catalogue can be obtained through the Purchasing & Inventory Control System (PICS). Please contact the Systems & WEB Administrator on 62050816 to arrange access.

Email versions (Excel) of the Supply Catalogue are available on request via 62060816

The WEB Supply Catalogue is updated daily.

Completing your Requisition

To order items manually, please utilise the QIKFAX order form. Click Here

The following information is essential to enable Supply Services to quickly and accurately process your stores request.

Field Essential Information
Organisation Name Financial (Account) Name
Section Name Name of Ward / Department / Area requesting supplies.

Financial (Account) Code


The Financial (Account) Code signifies WHO is paying for the item(s). Only use Financial Codes relevant to your area.

For ACT Health customers:

Use your Financial Code as shown in the ACT Health Chart of Accounts. Consult your Resource Adviser or Program Manager for advice.

For all other customers:

Use the Financial (Account) Code as advised by the System Administrator (62050816)

Delivery Code


An address code unique to each customer. It is also referred to as the 'Y' Code. The Delivery Code signifies WHERE you want the items delivered. We will deliver the goods to the Delivery Address you indicate.

Note: If you order supplies against your Financial Code, for delivery to another customer - you will be billed for the goods.

Contact the System Administrator (62050816) to check or update your delivery address.

Customer's Ref/Comments Specific Delivery Instructions / Purchase Order Number
Customer Contact Name The name of a contact person, if Supply Services needs to clarify any aspects of the request.
Customer Phone No. If we need to contact you about your request.
No. of Pages in this order Indication if the Fax transmission fails
Priority All requisitions must be endorsed with a priority for supply. A requisition can only be given one PRIORITY classification. If no priority is indicated on a requisition, it will be processed as 'Routine'.

Guidelines for selecting the correct Priority:

Routine - Item(s) are required within two business days.

Delivery can be anticipated within two business days of receipt of the requisition by Supply Services, subject to stock availability. Most requisitions will be in this category.

Urgent - Item(s) are required on the next available delivery service.

Delivery can be anticipated within one business day of receipt of the requisition by Supply Services, subject to stock availability. Requisitions should be faxed to Supply Services on 62050804 or 62050806.

Emergency - Item(s) are required immediately and without delay.

Patient welfare will be impacted if the items are not supplied NOW.

Emergency requisitions must be faxed to Supply Services (62050804 / 62050806) and accompanied by a telephone call (62050812). Emergency requisitions will be processed immediately and if the stock is available, will be delivered by dedicated transport to the customer. In certain circumstances, additional transport costs may be incurred.

The person authorising the requisition is to ensure that a legitimate and essential urgency grading has been used. Inappropriate use of the priority system will be highlighted to customer areas, for their attention.

Return - Item(s) to be returned to the warehouse for Credit.

Please read the conditions on the Returns Policy. Click Here

Line As indicated.

Product ID


As shown in the WEB Supply Catalogue

Quantity Required


The amount of each Unit of Issue required.
Unit of Issue As shown in the WEB Supply Catalogue.
Short Description As shown in the WEB Supply Catalogue.
Signature Must be signed by the person locally authorised to order supplies.
Printed Name The name of a contact person, if Supply Services needs to clarify any aspects of the request.
Date Date request created.

Forwarding Requests to Supply Services

Completed forms should be Faxed to: 62050804 / 62050806 or mailed to:

ACT Health Supply Services
PO Box 47
Mitchell ACT 2911

Action Taken By Supply Services

On receipt, Supply staff will input your request into the computer system. Your request will be processed according to the Priority and despatched to the Delivery Code indicated.

The Delivery Docket

Each delivery will be accompanied by a Delivery Docket, which will indicate what has been issued against the request.

Customers should check the goods despatched, against the Delivery Docket. Any discrepancies should be brought to the attention of Supply Services within two business days on 62050812.

Partial or 'Nil' Issues

ACT Health Supply Services now employs a Back Order System for any Out of Stock or Partial Deliveries (dependent on the Product(s) ordered). Non Stock Products will incur a Delivery Delay and customers may be required to pay Freight. Please contact the Inventory Manager on 62050803 to ascertain the anticipated delivery date.

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Please Note: All prices quoted in this catalogue are GST Exclusive