Product evaluations are required for all items proposed for introduction into the ACT Health patient care environment. Patient care items are managed through the ACT Health Clinical Commodities Committee; Any other items may be proposed directly to the Inventory Manager (see the previous section on New Items for Inventory).

ACT Health Clinical Commodities Committee

The primary function of the ACT Health Clinical Commodities Committee is to evaluate, rationalise and standardise all products for use in the patient care environment. The committee monitors the appropriateness, cost and performance of new and current products. Some ward or clinical equipment may be reviewed by the committee, particularly where there are significant implications for consumable supplies associated with that equipment.

The committee is a multi-disciplined group which meets monthly and includes representation from TCH, ACT Community Care and Calvary Hospital. All evaluations are documented and decisions are based on aspects including:

Product Proposals

Proposals for all new products, or the review of existing products, are to be made on a Product Presentation Form. This form is available by email from the Product Manager.

Supplier representatives must complete a Product Presentation Form for new products.

Product Presentation Forms are to be forwarded to the Product Manager.
Further advice can be obtained from the Product Manager.

Product Manager

The ACT Health Product Manager is responsible for the coordination of evaluations of all products for clinical needs.

The Product Manager is a member of the Supply Services staff and works closely with clinicians, technical experts, budget controllers, purchasing officers and suppliers to ensure all aspects are considered during an evaluation process. The Product Manager also has access to a network of counterparts in other states.

The Product Manager chairs the Commodities Committee and can be contacted on 62443312.


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